pyaosocket aka aosocketnativenew Released Standalone

In the PDIS project at HIIT we developed a socket library for Python for S60. The library consisted of both a native extension and quite a bit of Python code. The native extension was called aosocketnativenew, and became somewhat well known as an extension supporting non-interactive Bluetooth discovery.

We never made a standalone release of the library, nor did we release a version of the native extension built for S60 3rd Edition. Until now, anyway. I recently happened to have use for the extension again, and ended up building it for S60 3rd Edition, adding support for access point selection for outbound TCP connections, and making a release of just the extension. The extension is now called pyaosocket rather than aosocketnativenew. Source and binaries are available via a dedicated webpage hosted at HIIT, but there still is no API documentation.