A Pretty Good Formatting Pipeline

Anya Helene Bagge and Tero Hasu
Bergen Language Design Laboratory
Department of Informatics, University of Bergen
Bergen, Norway


Proper formatting makes the structure of a program apparent and aids program comprehension. The need to format code arises in code generation and transformation, as well as in normal reading and editing situations. Commonly used pretty-printing tools in transformation frameworks provide an easy way to produce indented code that is fairly readable for humans, without reaching the level of purpose-built reformatting tools, such as those built into IDEs. This paper presents a library of pluggable components, built to support style-based formatting and reformatting of code, and to enable further experimentation with code formatting.


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(define bagge-hasu-13-pretty
   #:title "A Pretty Good Formatting Pipeline"
   #:author (authors "Anya Helene Bagge" "Tero Hasu")
   #:date "2013"
   #:location (proceedings-location
               "Intl. Conf. Software Language Engineering"
               #:pages '(177 196))))

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