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Here are a few examples of what you can do within the limitations of the S3a's display.

Amaze your (guillible) friends by showing them DooM running on your S3a! ;-)

From cult movie "Reservoir Dogs". Mr White and Mr Pink having a bit of an argument.

These pictures were created using Andrew Baldwin's brilliant program PBM2PICA.OPA -
available from:

All the pictures were "grabbed" and imported into Paintshop Pro 3 for Windows.
They were then resized, greyscaled and saved as PGM files.

They then had to hacked a bit as Paintshop sticks a line in the file header which
confuses PBM2PICA.

The easiest way to do this if you're using Paintshop to convert to PGM files is:

1. Do whatever you have to in Paintshop and save the file as a PGM

2. Close the file down and open it up in Write, selecting "No Conversion" (VERY Important)

3. The header of the file should be something like this; you need to delete the second line:

# Created by Paint Shop Pro  <----- remove this line
480 160

4. Save the file

5. Open the PGM file in PBM2PICA on your S3a via 3Link or better still run PBM2PICA on the 
S3a emulator on your PC - it is much quicker converting the file

6. Select "Expand and dither" in the "Handle How?" dialogue for 16 greyscale simulation. 

There are loads of drawing and painting apps for the Psion but this little program is the only 
one I've found so far that will easily enable you to convert photos and the like into Psion's 
Black/Grey/White PIC format with any ease.

Pete Graylish   
"Another casualty of applied metaphysics"