SMS Exporter v1.10 Released

I was recently motivated to install some Symbian SDKs again, after quite a long break from Symbian programming. So here, an updated release of SMS Exporter for Symbian.

SMS Exporter v1.10 should fix some of the potential-incompatibility installation warnings that the previous release may have caused on newer phones. The good news is that since there probably aren't going to be any still newer Symbian phones (now that the Nokia 808 PureView has indeed been confirmed to be "the last Symbian device from Nokia"), this may well be the end of such incompatibity problems. Long live stable Symbian.

The v1.10 release even has a new feature, namely that of trying to resolve sender names based on phone number. The way the phone number is used to match entries and the choice of fields to extract from matching entries may not always lead to ideal or even correct results, but the current implementation does seem to work fairly well in practice.