Another PyS60 Extension with a take_photo Function

Earlier releases of the Miso PyS60 extension had a take_photo function, for taking photos (without a viewfinder). This functionality (and more) has since then been integrated to PyS60 itself in the form of the built-in camera module.

I’d now like to introduce the pynewfile library for PyS60, which (at least for some S60 phones) offers an alternative to the camera module when wishing to take photos interactively with a viewfinder.

Now, I’m not quite sure what exactly it is that the pynewfile module does, but it can apparently launch the S60 Camera application in some kind of “server mode” (or slave mode), having it run just long enough for the user to take and select a photo.

The difference between using camera and pynewfile then is that the latter allows the user to use the hopefully familiar Camera application view and its controls when taking a photo, whereas with camera it is the programmer who has to place the viewfinder and implement any necessary controls. Which alternative is more desirable depends on the application.

pynewfile is available via a dedicated webpage hosted at HIIT.